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Bible Prophecy speaker Dr.Melvin Santos and associate speakers Jon Remitera, Joseph Bailey, Graisy Angel, Derek Riethmeier, Shawndra McComb, Melinda Paul.


FRIDAY, October 2 7pm

Prophecy Reveals – How to Know the Future -- Twenty-five hundred years ago Bible prophecy accurately predicted the rise and fall of world nations.  Discover how both the new world order and the new age are destined to fail, and what kingdom will rule next.


FRIDAY, October 2 7:45 pm

The End of the World: Is it Here? -- Are you ready for what is to come?  Learn how to face the future with greater confidence, through the study of the books of Daniel and Revelation.


SATURDAY, October 3 7:00pm

Revelation’s Answer for Human Suffering -- If God is so good, why is the world so bad?  Where did evil come from?  Bible Prophecy tells you how to survive Satan’s attacks.


SATURDAY, October 3 7:45pm

The Rapture of the Church and the Return of Christ – How can you really know how Christ will return?  What is the devil doing to prevent this from taking place?  The Bible makes it clear.


FRIDAY, October 9 7pm

The Longest Time Prophecy in the Bible --Who is the prince revealed in Daniel’s prophecy?  What covenant will he confirm?  How will he stop the sacrifices?  Answers to these questions and more from the Prophet Daniel! Many are misinterpreting this prophecy.


FRIDAY, October 9 7:45pm

How Will God Judge You?   Has God’s judgment begun? How can you prepare for this event?  Learn how you can have your name in the book of life and what can take it out!  Learn why the rest of the world is not aware or teaching this prophecy.


SATURDAY, October 10  7pm

Whatever Happened to Right and Wrong?  --The fatal mistake that will trap millions of the moral majority.  Will it trap you?


SATURDAY, October 10 7:45pm

The Object of the Anti-christ’s Attack.  Discover from the Bible how the Antichrist has popularized a big lie!


FRIDAY, October 16 7pm

Christianity’s Greatest Cover-up.  Learn why there is cover up.  Thousands of churches even Christians are still not aware of the truth about this cover up.  Find out why it can make a major difference to your faith!  


FRIDAY, October 16 7:45pm

Revelation's 1,000 Years of Peace

–Where will you be when Satan is bound?  Who will be resurrected in the two resurrections?


SATURDAY, October 17, 11am****

What Really Happens When You Die?  If you have ever lost a loved one—don’t miss this lecture.  The Bible offers you hope when you’re lonely and wondering about what lies beyond the casket.


SATURDAY, October 17, 7pm

Does God Torture Lost Sinners-A Twisted Truth Untangled

–The Bible truth about hellfire.  Millions would like to know about this perplexing Bible question.


SATURDAY, October 17, 7:45pm

Bible's Ancient Health Secret Revealed This topic may change health dramatically!  You will learn what God says about your health for today.  Learn how to postpone your funeral and guarantee your family’s security physically.


FRIDAY, October 23 7pm

Babylon Ruling the World

A crystal clear revelation of who and what the Antichrist system is all about.  Learn startling issues as the Antichrist power attacks the basis of God’s governing authority in this world!  


FRIDAY, October 23 7:45pm

Survivors of the Longest War  -- Learn what the Bible says about the 144,000.


Saturday, October 24, 11am****

Mark of the Beast –666—Part 1.  What is it? Is it already here? Learn how the antichrist is at work to set up his trap.  Discover what the mark of the beast is.  Discover what will happen to those who have the mark and those who don=t.  Let Daniel and Revelation show the issues on this important subject.


SATURDAY, October 24, 7pm

Revelation Reveals Why There Are So Many Denominations

–Does God have a church for these last days?  Revelation gives us the answer.


SATURDAY, October 24, 7:45pm

United States in Prophecy- What part does America play in prophecy?


FRIDAY, October 30 7pm

Renewing Your Life.  What does it mean to be baptized in water and Spirit?


SATURDAY, October 31, 11am****

Revelation's Mark of the Beast & 666 Part 2

When will no man be able to buy or sell?  Is the mark of the beast available or ready now?  What about the seal of God?


SATURDAY, November 7, 11am****

What is the Unpardonable Sin?  –The fatal mistake that will send millions to hell.


SATURDAY, November 14, 11am****

How to be a Disciple of Jesus? What does it mean to be a member or disciple? Is there any difference between the two? Learn the Bible’s test of a true prophet.


SATURDAY, November 28, 11am****

Is Heaven Real? What is heaven like? What will the saints do there?